In the Alley with DJ Dirty Needles, 4-6PM Wednesday, November 17th

Saturday, December 4, 6pm

Wednesday, November 17th with DJ Dirty Needles, 4-6PM on Radio Valencia 87.9

Natural Child “Crack Mountain”

The Wrong Words “What Went Wrong”

Glitter Wizard “Witch’s Limb”

Personal and the Pizzas “(Don’t Trust no) Party Boy”

Natural Child “Ray Thompson Blues”

Nobunny “I am a Girlfriend”

Blank Dogs “Around the Room”

Royal Trux “Skywood Greenback Mantra”

Six Finger Satellite “Love(via Machine)”

Steelpole Bathtub “Spoonhouse” “Action Man Theme” “Black Eye Fixer”


Thee Oh Sees, something off of Sucks Blood no info on record

Midday Veil, fast forward played it at wrong speed

Fungi Girls “Clouds”

Midday Veil “Eyes All Around”

Glitter Wizard “Black Lotus”

Dahga Bloom “Golden Sky”

Lumerians “Chevaux Fous”

Jaill “Love Takes Shots”

Personal and the Pizzas “I Want You”

Nobunny “Live It Up”

Natural Child “White Man’s Burden”

Personal and the Pizzas “Brass Knuckles”

Natural Child “Bang My Head”

Nobunny “Not That Good”

The Wrong Words “Tickin'”

Jaill “Suave Losin’ It”

Natural Child “Cougar” “Dogbite”

Blank Dogs “Tin Birds”

Six Finger Satellite “Well Tempered Monkey”

Midday Veil “Anthem”

Link to the first hour

Link to the second hour

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