In the Alley with DJ Dirty Needles, Wednesday, November 24th 4-6PM

Saturday, December 4, 6pm

Personal and the Pizzas “(Don’t Trust No) Party Boy”

Mudhoney “The Rose”

Pipsqueak “”What’s Eatin’ You?”

Bare Wires “Romantic Girl”

Woven Bones “Your Sorcery”

New Bomb Turks “Tail Crush”

Ty Segall “In Your Car”

Nobunny “Chuck Berry Holiday”

Jaill “No Mindless Love”

Apache “Finger Banger”

Personal and the Pizzas “I Ain’t Taking You Out”


Burning Itch “Dickin Me Over” “Itching”

G.Green “I Will Not Withraw This Statement” “Looks”

Natural Child “White Man’s Burden”

Nobunny “Mess Me Up” “I am a Girlfriend” “Tina Goes to Work”

Bare Wires “If it’s Over”

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin “Drop Dead Baby” “High School”

listen to it, son!

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