Drinks with Tony Playlist, December 15th

Sunday, December 19, 12am

Jim Swiller – Drinks with Tony theme song
Peaches – Rock Show
DRI – Money Stinks
Big Black – some great song (yay! Tony loses his memory)
Swans – New Mind (yay! we’re going to hell.)

Soman – Pusher (yay! now ve danse.)
Snog – Hooray
Siouxsie – Christine (Mmm! strawberries.)

Richard Hell – Blank Generation
Silverfish – White Lines
Run DMC – Raisin’ Hell

XTC – Making Plans for Nigel
Nick Cave – God’s Hotel (Everybody is deaf. What? What did he say?)
Amores Vigilantes – You Can Live Forever without Me (yay! ex-jw buddies.)

Gallon Drunk – The Rotten Mile
Wonder Stuff – It’s yer Money
Sonny Boy Williams – Sloppy Drunk (yay! classic blues dudes.)

Xiu Xiu – Crank Heart (So cute I could eat them like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms.)
Toykult – The Greatest Smile
The Wolfgang Press – King of Soul
P Promdan – Lung Dee Kee Mao (Thai, translates to Uncle Dee Is a Drunk.)

Drugbeat – Kill Yourself on the Dance Floor
LFO Demon – Bossanova Hades
Spetznaz – Kindred

Tindersticks – Rented Rooms

Next Club Tragedy at Edinburgh Castle is Weds, December 29th.

Next week on the show, The Yellow Dress.

Go to for more information and next year’s literary plan.

Thanks for listening.

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