In the Alley with DJ Danger with guests DJs DJ Schmeejay, Mashi Mashi, and Cellbot from KUSF Wednesday, January 19th on Radio Valencia 87.9

Friday, January 28, 12pm

Me answering the phone then the door as guests arrive, then some dialog on the whole KUSF debacle with DJ Schmeejay then…

Arthur Lee “Sad Song”
Jeff the Brotherhood “Heavy Damage”
Ty Segall “Swag”
Wrong Words “Tickin'”
The Sandwitches “Back to the Sea”
Daddy Long Legs “Under Assistant West Coast Promotional Man”
David Bowie “The Man Who Sold the World”
The Replacements “Valentine”
Glitter Wizard “Witch’s Limbo”
Fresh and Onlys “Hated or Loved”


The Replacements “Left of the Dial”
Tenement “Morning Mouth” & “Sitcom Moms”

DJ Mashi Mashi set

Death “Where do we go from Here”
Third Bardo ” Lose Your Mind”
Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra “Some Velvet Morning”
Nikki Sudden “Shame for the Angels”
Moon Duo “Killing Time”
Unit 4+2 “3:30 AM”
Kaleidoscope “A Dream for Julie”
Brigitte Fontaine “Il Pleut”

DJ Danger again

Tim Cohen “Wonderful Life”
Swanifant “Tumble Weed”
Christmas “Winter”
Windowpain Industries, all of Side A

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