Can Haz DJ for February 1: Tonight it’s about Cats n’ Jazz

Tuesday, February 1, 8pm

Tonight’s show (at 10pm Pacific) will feature more cat-themed tunes than you can shake a catnip-maker at. From Adam & the Ants to Shonen Knife, Maluca to The Kinks, and PJ Harvey to the Rolling Stones. Plus a bluegrass cover of Ted Nugent and a version of Disney’s Aristocats that you’ve probably never heard.

And Jazz. Both cat-themed and non. I will play a few tracks from the Kenny Burrell album The Cats featuring John Coltrane and an all-star lineup. And we’ll closeout the night with a run of excellent jazz to ease you into hump day.

To quote Adam Ant’s “Puss in Boots”: “it’s bound to end in tears/so let’s do it anyway”.

Check out the CanHazDJ show blog for more.

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