From Legendary DJ Dennis the Menace

Tuesday, February 1, 8am

Hello All,

As I’m sure you know by now my radio home of 9 years KUSF has been sold as part of a three station switcheroo. While we can talk about all the evil-doing involved offline, I’ve decided that the best thing for me to do is to get my shows back on the air a.s.a.p.!

So, I am happy to announce after just two weeks off the air, I am creating the “DTM Radio Network” that will put my shows on some of the best internet and terrestrial radio stations worldwide. I put internet first, because fact is the KUSF signal wasn’t exactly a powerhouse, and more and more of my listeners were listening via the internets!

My two radio shows: “The Menace’s Attic” (Six Decades of Rock and Roll by Theme for 9 years at 9 pm on Friday nights) and “Just Another Menace Sunday” Sundays 4-6 pm that has featured close to 300 long-form interviews with everyone from Mick Jones to Peter, Born & John, and their Musical Sandwiches (two of their songs as the bread and songs by others in-between) will be back this coming weekend on the first station in the network:

The new Radio Valencia in San Francisco broadcasting at 87.9 and streamed/podcasted at

Radio Valencia has been kind enough to keep my shows on the air at exactly the same time with an EXPANDED two-hour Menace’s Attic starting at 8 pm on Fridays! (The first hour will be now be a playlist of some of my favorite music old and new – not necessarily by theme!) I will broadcast from both my comfy (and much more high-tech than KUSF!) home studio, and Radio Valencia’s funky studios in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The R.V. Studios also have an amazing space for full-on live sessions (I was limited to acoustic at KUSF) and I also plan to throw live shows there in the future to benefit both the station and my shows!

Please keep the music and the interview and promo pitches coming to my 360 28th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121 address and CANCEL all music going to KUSF since it will not make it to me, or anyone formerly associated with the station!

Stay tuned for more stations in the network – I’ll let you know as soon as the contracts are signed. If you have any questions, please email me!



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