Welcome to the Tub

Wednesday, February 2, 7pm

Hello Radio Valencians!

This is Juan Rapido, host of Dante’s Hot Tub on every Wednesday from 8-10pm. Dante is usually not available for the show, but he let’s me broadcast from his hot tub. Sweet!

This is a freeform show — means I play whatever the heck I want. And I have wide and varied taste. Count my main influence the great WFMU out of Jersey City, NJ.

Geez, I’ve been meaning to start this blog forever — or at least the last couple weeks. I tried to post a playlist, but it was nearly impossible with my antiquated ipod that doesn’t show the full song titles, artists or album names. Super pathetic. Or with the records switching quickly and me trying to find the right song to play next…it’s like a group of blind children in a candy store.

But it can happen — the playlist I mean. Or at the very least I can blog something during the show. Also, you can follow me in the usual places.

Twitter: @juanrapido

Facebook: juanrapido

So what have we got for tomorrow so far? These could all be played, no guarantees:

  • surf set
  • game show music set
  • country / western swing set
  • soul set featuring the great Mary Jane Hooper
  • mashup / pop set

Records have just been selected — for good times, as always. Count on a few pops and scratches. Freshly picked hours before the show.

Well, toodles for now Radio Valencians. And may you all join me in Dante’s Hot Tub. The water’s fine and there’s room for everyone.

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