Germspreads – 2.21.11 Playlist

Tuesday, March 1, 1pm

1st Hour
Bob Dylan – Maggies Farm
Clem Snide – Schizophrenia
Sonic Youth- Teenage Riot
Eastern Conference Champions – Single Sedative
Eastern Conference Champions – Common Sense
Beck – Soul Suckin Jerk
Mist and Mast – In the Fall, from the Fall
The Grannies – My middle finger says your wrong
No FX – The idiots are taking over
Jane’s Addiction – Idiots rule
Death by Stereo – Unstoppable
Turn Me On Dead Man – Silky milky way
Roxy Music – Editions of you

2nd Hour
The Stooges – No fun
Genuine Diamelles – Underdog
Red Meat – Poverty line
Genuine Diamelles – If I only had a joint
The Brokenmusicbox – Rhyme nor reason
Jason Webley – Disappear
Sebadoh – Open ended
The Gun and Doll Show – The truth
Portishead – Sour times
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – A Daisy Chain for Satan (Acid and Flowers Mix)
Doug Hilsinger & Caroleen Beatty – Fat lady of Limbourg
Ornette Coleman – The artist in America
Clarinet Thing – Song of the unsung
Patti Smith – My generation (cuts off)

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