NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND Covers The RoboDJ! Wednesday at 10pm

Wednesday, March 2, 7pm

Radio Valencia has this thing; it’s called the Robo DJ.

The Robo DJ plays music that is carefully selected by the Windows XP Operating System when no annoying humans are around the studio.

And it has happened that a few times, long after Karen Carpenter and Dr. Fiasco were gone from the studio,  undiscerning listeners were still calling into the station thinking that our show was still on when in fact it was the Robo DJ doing its thing .

Which is not exactly complimentary.

But we decided to own it.  We will create a Robo DJ tribute radio show.  Maybe even follow the Robo DJ on tour around the country for a couple of years in a beat-up Yugo that we will learn how to drive by carefully studying the owner’s manual and meditating.

Also this week, Karen Carpenter and Dr. Fiasco have the pleasure of broadcasting with KrOB, who not only brings his own music, headphones, microphone, but also his personal germ-free knobs for the mixer board.  Wise man.

KrOB is aged in oak barrels and is wonderful for your digestion.

KrOB ingredients are hand-picked by 16 year old Icelandic virgins.

KrOB will deliver soothing sounds guaranteed to cut through layers of ear wax while Karen & Fiasco chat about  Radio Valencia program manager John Hell (The Muammar Gaddafi of Radio) , Perfect Leader Kim Jong-Il, and the impending death of Chicken John.

This will be the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND (once the show has concluded).

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND, Radio Valencia’s Puddle of Consistency amongst a Frothy Sea of Contradictions.

Wednesdays, from 10 PM to Midnight

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And for those who don’t listen to our show on the Internet or over FM, now you can also not listen to our show on podcasts!

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