Delfin Vigil of Amores Vigilantes on Drinks with Tony

Friday, March 25, 3am

After I played a couple of songs, Del took over on the CD decks and played songs from local San Francisco bands. Check out the awesome set below. Listen to the podcast (link below) where we talk about his band, Nikko Concrete Commando, how we grew up Jehovah’s Witnesses, working for the San Francisco Chronicle, and hear a white dude continue to mispronounce “Vigil”, and Del giving me hell for it.

Evening On My Mind – Dora Flood

Moorish Girl – The Soft Bombs

Fire Down Below – DJ Niko Martinez

Shady – Vermillion Lies

You Can’t Live Forever In Paradise On Earth (Without Me) – Amores Vigilantes

The Day I Turned To Glass – Honeycut

Circulate And Sing – Society Of Rockets

He’s Frank – The Sneetches

Indestructible – Monsula

All in Vain – Judgement Day

Worry – Music For Animals

Can I Love You Yet? – The Matinees

Far & Away – Memory’s Mystic Band

Good Folks, Bad Folks – Sonny Smith

1975 – The New Slave

When I Die – The Headstones

Stolen Days – The Moons

Crazy – Seventeen Evergreen

Burn the Fruit – Seventeen Evergreen

Ave Maria Lola – La Sonora Matancera

I Love You More Than You Love Me – Amores Vigilantes


Nikko Concrete Commando:

Amores Vigilantes:


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