St. Stupid’s/April Fool’s and The Menace!

Friday, April 1, 4pm

Radio of course! Tonight from the comfy but completely un-Google-map-able Menace Studios that now have two NEW Technics 1200 MK3 turntables with Stanton 681EEE cartridges. GEEK OUT!

8 p.m. The Menace’s Warm-up: New Music kinda like what I play on “Just Another Menace Sunday” but even more free-form in that I’ve been known to play multiple album tracks or old stuff in the middle. HOW RADICAL!

9 p.m. Six Decades of Rock and Roll by Theme for over 9 years. That’s a lotta theme’n. Tonight lots of foolish and stupid songs in the mix! And vinyl to test out the new wheels of steal!

I WILL NOT be on the new KUSF in Exile stream ’cause they couldn’t give me my old timeslots and well, because Radio Valencia just feels right. (And okay is likely to be on the air a lot longer!)

See you on the radio tonight! I’ll have the ‘puter pumped up so I can get your messages if you type’m into this lovely website!




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