Germ Spreads 3.14.11 Playlist

Saturday, April 2, 12pm

John Cale – Pablo Picasso
Railroad Jerk – Bang the Drum
The New Pornographers – All The Things That Go To Make Heaven And Earth
Birds and Batteries – Another Inferno

David L. Cooper – Deep Spin
Eskimo – Dado Peru
Cab Calloway – Hi De Ho Man
Sonny Rollins – The Bridge

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
Devendra Banhart – Heard Somebody Say
Wilco – War on War

Spirit – Natures Way
Adam H. Stephens – Everyday I Fall
J. Mascis – Not Enough
Jed and Lucia – You Were Made of Stone
Low – Try to Sleep

Frank Sinatra – One for My Baby
Bar Feeders – When I’m Drunk
Mudhoney – I Have to Laugh
City Light – I Want What’s Bad for Me

Deerhoof – The Merry Barracks
20 Minute Loop – Miriam Hopkins
John Cale – The Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Orgy
The Naked and Famous – The Sun

Pirate Radio – Ride Wild Hearts
The Dodos – Don’t Stop

The Chieftains – Here’s a Health to the Company (Drinking Song)

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