Radio Valencia Benefit Friday, April 8: Dinner & the History of Radio

Sunday, April 3, 5pm

Come out this Friday and support independent, awesome local radio. This is an important fundraiser for the station. We’ll have fantastic food & a special live show on The Magic of Radio! Please buy tickets in advance to help us reach our goal.

We promise that it will be cooler than this:

(much less Dick Cavett–sorry, Dick)

Join us for dinner and a show: a delicious 5-course gourmet dinner served by charismatic & appreciative Radio Valencia DJ’s, each course accompanied by a unique performance from the RV staff of great moments in radio history either dramatized or documented. 5 courses, 5 acts, an invaluable feeling of euphoria, and the lifelong certainty that you made a big difference in the life of a young radio station. All that for the extra-cheap price of 40 American dollars!

We’ll also have great raffle prizes, Radio Valencia stickers, and I’m sure more than a couple surprises–just like our radio shows. Not only will you see our clever performances and interpretations of some of the most important moments in the history of radio, you will also help the future of great radio, because all the proceeds will go to helping Radio Valencia buy a brand new mixing board which help us produce our shows more professionally and generally sound more awesome.

Here’s all the info on the delicious food:

Menu by Chef David Barsalay:

Rustic Chicken Soup w/ toasted sourdough By Brooke the Soup Lady
Green Salad w/ Coconut Vinaigrette & Mango w/cashew (essential organic)
Seared Polenta with Parmigiana Cheese w/Greens & Cracklin’ Braised Short Ribs over Grits (meat donated by the Fatted Calf!)
(Veggie/Vegan options available!)
Dessert donated by Black Jet Bakery (thank you Gillian!!)
Wine from White Rock Vineyard ($10 a bottle!!)

If you want the vegetarian/vegan option, you just need to let us know, so that the chef makes the right amount.

We also have some things that were donated to us that we will auction off, so bring money! Fine coffee, an oil change, a day spa certificate, mixed CD’s, etc.

Here are details on all the acts:

The show consists of re-enactments and hosted re-broadcasts of great moments in the history of radio. Here are some of the details:

  • DJ Timmy is going to talk about and play one of the great Fireside Story episodes that FDR did during WWII. If you have never heard this, you will be delighted. It’s nothing short of the most wholesome thing that ever happened.
  • DJ mikl-em (of the CanHazDJ show) takes you back to the golden era of radio comedy with a live performance of the Marx Brothers original radio show “Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel”. This fast-paced comedy features Groucho and
    Chico (Harpo may be there, too, but he doesn’t have any lines) in an episode first broadcast in 1933. A stellar cast featuring members of the Chicken Scratch Improv will bring a nearly 80 year-old comedy back to hilarious life before your very eyes.

  • Sean Kelly (aka Freakatronic) will debut a new act honoring the History of Radio.
    HEAR: ‘O Holy Night’ an antique rendition of broadcasts’s first song on radio.
    SEE: Sean Kelly do a burlesque style Balloon Dance with a stun gun.
    JUMP: to the pop of the balloons.
    TASTE: The delicious food being served to raise funds for a new mixing board.
    WONDER: Where he got a stun gun.
  • Trademark G and Miss Frillypants will unearth from their vault of unmentionable recordings a mash up of radio spots, commercials, presidential speeches, public service announcements and porn. It’s hard to describe what they do, but it’s always amazing.
    DTM attributes his 35 year radio career to the some of the most talented and creative DJ’s on earth who he had the rare opportunity to learn from! At the age of 13, he snuck past the guards on 6th Avenue in New York City to watch his D.J. Idols broadcast on 77 WABC. Soon after, he auditioned and was given Top 25 countdown show on a suburban radio station. Since then he’s broadcast on the legendary Top 40 KISS-108 Boston and other stations before bringing his syndicated shows to Radio Valencia! Tonight, he regales us with tales, pictures, and rare airchecks that only scratch the surface of his passion for this long gone radio format.
  • From the Nose Hair Lint Gland gang: a satirical re-enactment of the famous 1937 radio broadcast of the Hindenberg disaster. Delivered in the voice of 1937 radio reporter Herbert Morrison. Everything will go perfectly with this because it always always does.
  • And finally, DJ Extra Kate [of the Place Tales show] is doing to do a
    short symposium on the War of the Worlds broadcast from 1938, in which America thought it was an actual invasion and there was panic in the streets, looting and mass hysteria! She will then play some of it for your amusement!

Remember by buying your tickets early you not only reserve your seat, you help us plan better and reduce any anxiety that it’s all going to go horribly wrong. It won’t of course. But you know what we mean.

Thanks to all of you for listening & supporting the station!

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