Tonight On CanHazDJ: A month of pianos begins

Tuesday, April 5, 12pm

Tonight at 10pm, I begin a month of tributes to the wonders of a series of well-tuned wires within a stylish black case attached to slats of ebony & ivory positioned conveniently by a bench which we more commonly call “a piano“.

I’ll have a feature tonight on the great Dave Brubeck, another on prepared piano innovator Hauschka (see his video above & I’ve written a bit more about him here), plus a bunch of various, excellent piano examples in a wide range of styles. The rest of the month each show will have a big chunk of piano music–especially some of the great jazz piano players of all time.

Between the pianos, we’ll still swing stylistically widely, as CanHazDJ always does, you’ll still hear punk, dub & electronica in the mix. But seems like a great time to add some jazz into our spring–not to mention some surprising covers solo piano versions of Gary Numan, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and lots more.

There will also be occasional funny bits, like…

Click here for another great piece of piano playing & comedy (which BBC won’t let me embed) also featuring Bailey from the series Black Books.

Here are a few fine examples of Dave Brubeck…

More tonight, tune in at 10pm! Oh and hey, take a minute to Like CanHazDJ on Facebook. Thanks!

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