Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba on Terrible Tuesday w/Naked Rob

Monday, April 25, 9pm

This Tuesday, April 26th on Terrible Tuesday w/Naked Rob, 4-6PM Pacific, Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba & Thee United Satanic Apache Front carry out a FOOD WAR on MONSANTO and its G.M.O.’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). The show will include Blood-Food-Death Performance and exhibition, installation along with live music this April 28th and 29th @ Submission Space 2183 Mission Street 8pm • 21+ • $13/night.

THURSDAY April 28th will transform the Submission space into an Ecological Hell of dead plants and genetically modified fruits and vegetables. Ojibwe painter Steve Hapy and the infamous Reverend Leyba the “Satanic Apache” will be asking those in attendance to help build an installation of dead plants around their latest collaboration of GMO paintings. Bring your rotten fruits and veggies. The Illustrious Reverend will be Cursing MONSANTO, performing initiation rituals and creating the MONSANTO CURSE ALTAR for your curse offerings to thee MONSANTO Corporation. Live music by Kay Two, Adam Cooper Terán and Jeanelle Mastema!

FRIDAY April 29th live music by legendary electronic industrial band thee UNITED SATANIC APACHE FRONT with the Unholy Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba. Featuring blood, food, sex, paintings, altars, sculptures, and performances (both nights) by Jeanelle Mastema of “Core,” Clown Porn Star Hollie Stevens, Ritualizing & Monsanto Death commercials by Adam Cooper Terán, opening band SCAR PINK will rock you into this ECOLOGICAL HELL ON EARTH.

For more info, check out the website. Thanks!

Steven Leyba is an artist, painter, fine art book maker, author, spoken word performance artist, and musician, who is part Mescalero Apache. He has been called the father of “Sexpressionism” by art critic Carlo McCormick. In 1994 he was made a Reverend in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey.

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