Tribute To Tiamat

Tuesday, June 14, 4am

More and more of our listeners are actively requesting songs from the beloved band Tiamat and today we decided to provide our youngest listeners with a brief insight into the historical band that has been around since forever.


Tiamat Biography

Tiamat was created in Sweden, Stockholm back in 1987 and it originally started to play black metal while being called Treblinka. After recording the Sumerian Cry album back in 1989, the volaist of the band which was also its guitarist Johan Edlund together with Jorgen Thullberg who was the bassist decided to part ways with the other founding members and decided torename their band as Tiamat. As a side note, in Mesopotamian Religion Tiamat represents the monster of the chaos and the primordial goddess of the ocean. The first album of the band previously mentioned featured all of the Treblinka songs that were recorded once more and saw the light of the day in 1990. Pink Floyd, Candlemass, and Mercyful Fate are just a few of the bands of the time that heavily influenced the newly founded Tiamat band. The guys chose to maintain the same line of lyrics on the Sumerian Cry album. You can go online for more details on the development of the band over the years; and if you are performing a search for a locksmith near me, go to the locksmiths-search online database and make your pick. Wildhoney was an album released by the band in 1994 and which was received very well thanks to the mix of raw vocals and synthesizers or slow guitar riffs. Extreme metal bands of that time sounded different and this is what made Tiamat special. A Deeper Kind of Slumber was the album released three years later, with the band transforming into a gothic rock band over the time. More work followed and Tiamat released its 10th The Scarred People album in 2012.    

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