On Baghdad by the Bay; June 16: Interview with Elle Niño

Thursday, June 16, 3pm

Elle Niño
In late 2008, somewhere between an abandoned lot and a taqueria, four individuals converged in an East Oakland living room to form Elle Niño. Unpredictable like the weather, Elle Niño incorporates sexy-falsetto vocals, lesbo-erotic lyrics, deep electronic beats, 80s synths, and indie guitars. Drawing from synth-pop, new wave, and electro-funk, Elle Niño’s style has been likened to Prince, the Yeah YeahYeahs and LCD Soundsystem.

With coordinated outfits and synchronized dance moves, Elle Niño’s live performances have consistently succeeded in creating a sweaty, pulsating, and irresistible dance floor.

Elle Niño has been featured on, KALW radio, Pirate Cat Radio, The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Noise music blog, SF Chronicle’s Off the Record blog,, RVCA’s San Francisco blog, and more. Unlike many electronic artists, Elle Nino takes pride in performing their music with live instruments. Everything you hear is live, no loops or staring into laptops. Elle Nino is currently working on their second EP and playing shows up and down the West Coast.

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