Walk Out To Rock Out!

Thursday, July 21, 8pm

On the 3rd Thursday of July every year (July 21st), Laurent Martini rents the Mexican party Bus from 9AM to 5PM and drive around SF all day picking people up who want to leave work and party with a rock band. It’s all free. They provide the bus and booze. They have 3 scheduled stops along the day 9AM to 10AM at Zeitgeist, Noon to 2PM for a free acoustic show at The Gold Dust downtown and then a free concert at Hotel Utah at 5PM. The proceeds from the drinks at the show go to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. So basically, you’re partying all day for a good cause.

The stops are so people can come for a bit if they can’t leave work. You can follow the event online as well. They’ll have updates every 20 minutes, so people can either call me or email us to be picked up.
Or call: 415-425-0158

It’s a fucking wild party, check out the video reviews at

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