Playlist – July 27 – Drinks with Tony

Thursday, July 28, 1pm

Nick Cave – Thirsty Dog
Gallon Drunk – Bad Servant
Flesh For Lulu – Stupid on the Street
Jay Munly – Spill the Wine

Lords of the New Church – Pretty Baby Scream
Madrugada – I don’t Fit
Rhubarb Whisky – Whiskey Neat

The Jam – Start!
Heaven 17 – We Live So Fast
Faderhead – Naughty H

Snog – Destroyer
Henry Rollins – Hot Animal Machine
Frank Black – I Burn Today

Gavin Friday – Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves
Gogol Bordello – Sex Spider
Adam Balbo – Give Back What I Can

Husker Du – Never Talking To You Again
Ice-T w/ Jello Biafra – Shut Up Be Happy
Iggy Pop – Butt Town Acoustic
The Jacobites – Pin Your Heart To Me

Next week on the show:

Audrey Braun author of A Small Fortune

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