Becoming A Radio Host

Tuesday, August 2, 12am

Radio hosts are smart, funny, opinionated, and highly informed people. They have interesting personalities and they love to do a lot of talking. Plus, the people around them also like to listen. On short, these are the main characteristics that are required from any good radio host. If everyone around you keeps on telling you that you could seriously consider pursuing a career as a radio host and you are tempted by the thought, go for it! Below you will find a series of tips on how to get closer to accomplishing your dream.     


Meet The Right People

With Facebook or Twitter at hand, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come across a couple of useful email addresses and write to some heavy names in the industry. Radio people are usually highly open and outgoing and you should have no problem getting in touch with them and either convince them to meet you up for a cup of coffee or via Skype. Ask for advice and guidance, learn a few industry secrets and tricks, inquire about their starting years and their first contact with a radio mic and so on.

You will need to get as close as possible to the radio broadcasting industry so you can better get and cope with all the ins and outs. You should also get to more easily set up your very own radio broadcasting penetrating strategy. Working hard on getting in touch with these folks will therefore help you gain the necessary access and leverage. So try your best now and you will enjoy the results later on.


Try To Find A Radio Host Mentor

Whether it is virtual, emailing mentorship provided by a radio celebrity, or you manage to convince a local radio host to be your mentor, kudos! You are getting even closer to getting the necessary knowledge to reach your goals. You will be gaining unrestricted access to radio directors who are actually going all the hiring, and hands-on experience and tricks on how to enter the industry. Your learning experience will therefore be significantly shortened, which means you will be getting closer to the radio host position you are eagerly waiting for. Your mentor’s contacts will turn into your contacts as well. Their knowledge will be at least partially transmitted to you. You will get the right kind of references necessary to prove your genuine training.

Location, Location, Location

Location is not solely important for business venues, but it is also crucial when it comes to your training as a future radio host. Getting the right kind of experience inside and already popular and well-established radio station will make all the difference in the world. You will get to see genuine hosts at work, pick their brain and be hired or recommended by the best people in the industry at the end of your training.   

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