On Baghdad by the Bay; September 1st: Mister Loveless, LILAC and Violent Vickie

Wednesday, August 31, 12pm

Tune in at 8pm, on Thursday September 1st to listen in live!

Mister Loveless
Mister Loveless are a 4-piece rock band founded in 2003 by high school friends, Rob Miller and Charlie Koliha in a sleepy suburb of San Francisco called, Walnut Creek. Loveless (as those familiar with the band refer to them) grew from an angular, post-punk act to a sonic territory, all their own when they enlisted long time friend, Sean Gaffney and devoted fan, Nick Clark. The group currently resides in Oakland.

LILAC is pop religion for non-believers. A heavy driving acid grunge dream LILAC’s music, similar to Nirvana in spirit and intent, aspires to represent a subculture – A subculture comprised of the passionate, unusual, angsty, romantic, poor, queer, long-haired, starry-eyed, depressed, downtrodden, dirty, loud, funny, ugly, beautiful, and bright. They want the true singers and dreamers of the dream to take back culture and make it shine again. Their songs are a reach for eternal acts of passion in the face of death. It
is about love, but mostly sexual and even more, about heartbreak. It’s a flower and it is a drug.

Violent Vickie
Violent Vickie is a two-piece multi-media electro-punk band from San Francisco, Calif. Inspired by riot grrrl, experimental electronic music and electroclash, Vickie started writing songs in 2003, recording drum machines, keyboards, samplers, guitars, vocals and other assorted instruments onto a four track in her parents’ suburban home in Southern California. Her lyrics question society and address female stereotypes, TV, addiction and religion. She has since played throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area, toured the West Coast, and played Ladyfest and Scutterfest. She has shared the stage with many bands including Mika Miko, The Sharpease, Boyskout, Eagle and Talon, and Dame Darcy. Her shows incorporate energetic, psychedelic visuals that complement the content of the music. After releasing two CD EPs, “Shut Yr Snatch” and “Violent Vickie EP,” she is currently producing and recording a full-length album entitled “Monster Alley” with the new addition keyboardist and producer Cat.

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