Online wagering; what are we missing here?

Tuesday, September 13, 8pm



We in America are realizing that we may be missing out on something. It’s this whole global community thing that has gotten us a little out of whack. We have become more and more exposed to other cultures, and more and more influenced by them. We see a health care system that is less expensive and more accessible in the rest of the world, so we strive to make ours a little more like theirs. Folks in Europe do OK, so we think maybe we should try more of a socialist model.



There are plenty of examples of how we Americans are increasingly craning our necks to get a glimpse of how other people do things. Let’s take another example. Since it is as old as humanity, let’s take gambling, for instance. And since the internet is the big connectivity factor in our global community, we’ll look at online gambling.

Here in the U.S., gambling has been in and out of favor for years. Right now, it’s safe to say, we’re on the out side. The way we look at it, if someone wants to gamble, they can hop on the plane or the tour bus and head out to Vegas or AC, hit the slots, roll the dice, take in the glitz, the whole thing. Some of us are in states that have thoroughbred horse racing. The lottery is down at the corner store. And our legislators are dipping their toes into online poker laws.

The internet and the global community have come along to pinch us out of our dream world of control. We surf over to the UK and other places in Europe and discover that people gamble. Really gamble. It’s legal, regulated and a huge source of revenue for their governments. In most places in Europe, you can go online and wager on anything from the outcome of a horse race to the outcome of a political race. Anything you can find in a casino, you can find online – save the free drinks.

Call up and look at the menu. See. Folks there have a multitude of wagering options, an opportunity at a stake in almost everything. They even have a take on the old TV game show, “Deal or No Deal.” You remember …. Howie Mandel … contestants opening those briefcases one by one as the tension grew. Ladbrokes subscribers get to play that game, and do the right deal for money. Actually, anyone anywhere can play it without spending any money. As with many other games, they offer a play-for-free mode that lets anyone in.

So, gambling will eventually become another cultural conversion forced by our global exposure. Socialism? Don’t bet on it.

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