Drinks with Tony 9/14 – Interview with Warren Teagarden

Tuesday, September 20, 5pm

Hi, I’m Neil Strauss, and I”m Drinking  with Tony.

Turbonegro – Blow Me (Like the Wind)
Shane MacGowan – That Woman’s Got Me Drinking
The Dickies – Paranoid
Pixies –

The Illness – Lengua De La Muerte
Tuxedomoon – L’etranger
Adam Ant – Young Parisians

The Pop Group – We’re All Prostitutes
Thurston Moore – Crowned
Johnny Moped – Hard Living Man

Vibrators – Baby Baby

and then Tony lost his notes so here’s some other bands I’m sure I played:

Megaton Leviathan – Repeating Patterns of Love
THe Lurkers – Shadow
Liam Finn – Jump Your Bones

also, Warren Teagarden came in the studio and we rapped about his latest CD, Johnny Marr and played some tracks off of that.

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