On Baghdad by the Bay, October 20th, 8pm: Interview with Sonic Love Affair, Birds & Batteries and Blank Stares

Wednesday, October 19, 3pm

Sonic Love Affair (SLA)
The Sonic Love Affair, or SLA to its friends, ignited shortly after Y2K. Upon learning that electricity still existed, the boys plugged their SGs into their Twins and unleashed an unrelenting torrent of gnarly rock and roll music. They recorded for San Francisco’s esteemed Dollar Record Records, putting out a double 7″ and an LP. Total hysteria followed shortly thereafter. Hailing from Sack o’ Tomatoes, CA, but existing off nachos in San Francisco, the SLA have returned from a 4-year hiatus to deafen the masses. Proudly wearing it’s influences on it’s fuzzy sleave [sic], the SLA bows down before the alters of the MC5, DMZ, Q65, KAK, UFO, and the almighty Pretty Things! Our first show back is Saturday October 22, 2011 at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. As part of the final Budget Rock extravaganza, the SLA will open the show for Boston’s righteous Lyres, SF’s rock and roll godfathers Roy Loney and the Phantom Movers, Atlanta’s sexiest Subsonics, and all the way from Hayward…the Dukes of Hamburg!!! Tune in, Turn up, and let out a Treble Yell!!

Birds & Batteries
Birds & Batteries are on a steady rise with consistently sold out shows in San Francisco, several TV placements and a new album in the works. This fall they’ll be touring in support of the estimable two-piece, Peter Wolf Crier (Jagjaguwar). Birds & Batteries’ latest album is called “Stray Light” and its currently in the works at Tiny Telephone Studios (John Vanderslice) with the help of engineer, Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof). The album is a funky and classic-sounding collection of Sempert’s most inspired songs yet.

The Blank Stares
The Blank Stares formed in 1999 in NYC. They have been recording, performing and causing mild ruckuses ever since. Holding a set of recordings close to their vest, they moved to SF and recorded and released their 2nd LP “All Blown Up” in in 2005. Guitars, Bass, Drums and a whole lot of singing are what these cats do. Treading heavy on the well worn path of rock and roll, The Stares rev shit up when they play and don’t let up until someone calls “uncle”. Their 3rd record entitled “Threee” is set to release in November, and promises more songs about space-born messiahs, insomnia, government paranoia, drugs and transsexuals. Tammi, Carlos and Tom’s earlier projects included, The Mensclub, The Jinkies, Papa Wheelie, and The Mink Lungs.

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