Incredible Songstress Deborah Iyall on Cold Ones Thursday November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 4pm

Never Say Never…and here in the Rad-Val studios we do not! Back in 1982 while I was hanging with a small group of punx  and a sophomore at Fairfield High; I was also dancing my arse off to a little ditty titled never Say Never by a local band called ROMEO VOID…and little did I know almost 30 yeas later their skilled lyricist, charismatic front women Deborah Iyall would be making a guest spot on my radio show. WOW!! I hope y’all tune in for our chat tomorrow night here on the Cold Ones & Rolled Ones  show. Although ROMEO VOID has unfortunately become inactive, Deborah has kept her musical passion going strong. With the release of her newest offering “Singing Until Sunrise”, Deborah will be back in Frisco for the evening. There is a release party planned for the same night at The Cat Club, how appropriate for this here chanteuse kitten! Deborah has also agreed to play some tracks off her 2010 album “Stay Strong”. Since she has the party after her appearance here on Cold Ones she will be be on right when we get started at 6:00pm. You can call in ask her some questions at (415) 875-9051.

In the second hour of the show i will be spinning the music of my home boy Jesse Morris, who unfortunately took his own life a few days ago…You will be missed dearly. R.I.P.


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