Thanksgiving Radio: Songs about Johnny + Turntable Turkey Throwdown

Wednesday, November 23, 7am

Sound Of Plaid logoDuring last week’s episode of The Sound Of Plaid TradeMark G. thought that a good future show theme might be all the songs about Johnny: Johnny B. Goode, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Johnny Are You Queer… very complex fellow, Johnny.  And then we thought we’d ask for help.  And we got it: nearly one hundred replies and comments came from listeners with requests and suggestions — wow!  Johnny Got A Boom Boom, Johnny B. Rotten, The Ballad Of Johnny Cool, John E. Smoke, Johnny Behind The Deuce… that Johnny has done it all.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in.  We’ve collected most of them together and we’re ready to play them for you tomorrow (2011.11.24) on The Sound Of Plaid as we honor the everyman legend of lyrics, Johnny.  Many chances to hear the show, and if you can’t make the times below, you can hear it at The Sound Of Plaid Archives.

Thursday on DFM and

Radio Valencia:

9a-11a PST

noon-2p EST

1700-1900 GMT

…and DFM & Radio Valencia’s Tuesday repeat: 8p-10p PST

11p-1a EST

0400-0600 GMT

Sunday on KAOS Radio Austin: 11a-1p PST

1p-3p CST

1900-2100 GMT

Turntable Turkey Throwdown graphicBONUS!  Big City Orchestra‘s uBradio Salon (or something like it) is joining Radio Valencia‘s programming, and to say thanks (it is Thanksgiving Day, after all) they’ll broadcast a marathon all-nighter Turntable Turkey Throwdown.  Since we’re no strangers to uBradio, we’ll join in for some of the fun along with guests Ferrara Brain Pan and hopefully Univac.  But since we’re now on east coast time, we’ll only make a few of the beginning hours of the 8p-4a PST broadcast.

Thursday/Friday on

Radio Valencia:

8p-4a PST

11p-7a EST

0400-1200 GMT


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