Trends in Online Radio and Beyond

Tuesday, December 6, 9pm

The new connections that the Web permits between online radio, contests and hot shopping are amazing ways to have fun — just like what you get at Fox FM!

We want to draw your attention to some of the underlying social trends.



Prehistoric Broadcasting

When you look at Anthropology a little, you notice that we humans have always found ways to spread messages farther and wider. The Web is the latest invention for that purpose, so its essence is the same.

Internet radio has therefore boomed. Fox FM is a great example of trend-setting in this Web-powered radio renaissance, of course. The Internet basically makes radio what it was always hoped, just upgrading the transmission technology from ‘radio’ waves to bps and pixels.


We Just Wanna Have Fun

Despite all the serious business being done on the Web, one of its most widespread and important uses is to play games or enter contests. This is also a mainstay in most societies, from time immemorial.

When you play or get into a draw for a prize, the Web eliminates most of the obstacles to grabbing some quick fun whenever you want — especially with mobile entertainment. In coming years you will see ever more interesting contests. Many of them will be driven by social networks like Facebook or unique Web-radio sites like this.


Stealth Shopping

The Web makes us all shopping pros, able to zero in on exactly what we want at the right price, then get it delivered to our doors. But there are lots of new shopping and buying opportunities for you.

An example is the offers you see at Fox FM, which combines purchasing with your entertainment time. This is the trend everywhere, right? It makes sense from a consumer point of view, to be able to shop online as you explore things you’re already interested in or listen to online personalities with hot tips.

Shopping isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays we can pretty much search out and shop for anything from one seat (or one touchscreen), whether it is a service, product, piece of information, instruction or online game. This is, some would say, making the services in our society more accessible. Culture is also more available to learn and enjoy.


Explore and Express

We’re especially excited about the ways the Web give you to interact and express yourselves. Social networking is helping us all share more of ourselves, and what we like to do.

A great example is the intersection of games and online friendships. The trends have placed us at a point in history where we can even play online casino tournaments along with our friends, and even bring home an awful lot of bacon! For example, a useful site like is helping people find safe, thrilling and friendly online casinos.

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