On Baghdad by the Bay, Dec 8th at 8pm: Interview with Tidelands, Gypsy Moonlight, Slow Trucks

Thursday, December 8, 4pm

Tidelands is the duo of San Francisco’s Gabriel Montana Leis(Guitar, Flugelhorn, Vocals) and Mie Araki (Drums, Keyboards, Vocals). Sharp, poignant, poetic lyrics are uniquely arranged with looped guitars, Moog bass and beautiful harmonies on the duo’s debut album, If…, to be released July 26th, 2011. Taking cues from their combined multi-cultural backgrounds, Leis and Araki have created a texturally rich record that speaks to their collectively deep and unique life experiences.

Gypsy Moonlight
Gypsy Moonlight Band was formed in San Francisco in late 2009 around the songwriting of singer/guitar player Jeremy Lyn Kimzey. Starting out as a mainly acoustic band, it quickly transformed over the course of a couple of lineup changes and the addition of lead guitar player/singer/songwriter Chris Guthridge, into a much fuller electric band. They joined together with drummer Shea Roberts and bass player Walker Phillips and the core lineup solidified. The addition of Eli Pearl on pedal steel, Rachel Hoiem on keys, and Tex Dworkin singing co-lead, brought all the sweetness and authenticity one needs. Together they have created a soulful, rocking, Southern-flavored sound with a vibe that is 100% California.

Slow Trucks
Does “Gimme Indie Rock” by Sebadoh make you smile? If it does (and it should), then consider Slow Trucks the next generation, rolling with this old school shit, making it their own, and ultimately making indie rock fun again. When did things get so serious? Yeah, there’s room for bands with 2/3 time-signatures, French horns and yelpy vocals, but sometimes a hook cranked through a big muff pedal, liquid bass lines and a pummeling backbeat just sounds right. Energetic, uncomplicated and infectious, Slow Trucks are musical comfort food, perfect for those of us who still occasionally break out that Treepeople CD or fantasize about an Archers of Loaf reunion.

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