On Baghdad by the Bay, Dec 15th at 8pm: Interview with Silver Swans, Bad Bibles, The Aerosols

Thursday, December 15, 12pm

Silver Swans
Silver Swans take their name from the group of super-villains in the Wonder Woman comic book series. The evil Swans have the ability to create a powerful “swan song” of sound waves using their voices that is capable of devouring a small area of land with its destructive force. By creating a low-level humming, the Silver Swan can also form a protective shield around herself to deflect bullets and other projectiles. The musical counterpart Silver Swans, however, are far from the evil and destruction of their namesake. The electro dream-pop project captures the haunting dramatics and the pure beauty of life and dreams to build a dynamic, exultant sound all their own.

They formed from the collaboration of DJ producer Jon Waters and songwriter Ann Yu. Both artists also have prolific backgrounds. Ann Yu has been in bands that have shared the stage with acts such as The Radio Dept, La Roux, Black Kids, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Mates of State, Jose Gonzales and many more. Jon has produced and DJ’d all over the world. But with all of the experience the duo decided to take a different route when it comes to creating music together. Silver Swans puts a special meaning to the idea of bedroom recordings. All tracks were recorded in late night sessions hidden under covers, in their bathrooms, and right before bed. The songs you hear are a reflection of the dreams they’ve uncovered and hope to discover.

Bad BIbles
Bad Bibles emerged as a fully formed post-punk / left-field garage rock unit in March 2011. Less than a year into their musical life, Bad Bibles are generating word-of-mouth buzz for their dynamic, physical stage shows and weirdly memorable songs. Bad Bibles will be releasing their official debut EP of new material in early 2012.

The Aerosols
The Aerosols are a San Francisco music group who play hard candy pop for bent melody enthusiasts. When they plug in their instruments you might at first think you were hit by soft space junk, but that’s just the sound check. They delight in whooshing the audience away with their catching songs that will take you through some unexpected turns before setting you back down on your feet. The four-piece sings songs about being made in China, fake mirrors, a girl so far gone she might be back, and space-travel via chewing gum. These are ballad boppers for people who want to get up and get out. Also for those who like to smile and nod. Whoosh!

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