Drinks with Tony – Grinderman and ’80s Rap celebration

Sunday, December 25, 4am

When i was on panel at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2010 they asked, what writers influence your writing?

Many writers have influenced me, but what influences me on a guttural level is ’80s rap music. It’s an era and time that’s very important for bringing information to the masses about what really happens in poor neighborhoods and projects. NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy, they were revolutionary and we have to remember them since hip hop is now watered down with bling and bitches and cross promotion with clothing lines and everything wrong with our society. Too many bought in. NWA wasn’t searching for a record contract at the beginning, they were just trying to tell their stories.

Their story telling influenced me. They were raw. They made mistakes. Rap music was important in the ’80s. And, to be a writer, it’s important to have a sense of delusion. I don’t feel like a writer when i wake up in the morning. Some ’80s gangster rap gives me hope. The blank page stares at me and after listening to Fuck The Police, I’m like, fuck yeah, I’m a writer. I write for major publications. I have an agent and I’m almost finished with my second book to sell.

Then, Grinderman (Nick Cave, Jim, Marty and Warren from The Bad Seeds) announce they’re breaking up.

I think it’s good timing. And they’ve left things open for future releases, but realize The Bad Seeds have been neglected.

So, here’s the playlist for my show on December 14th. ’80s rap I celebrate. Grinderman I celebrate.

Thanks for listening, here’s the podcast.

And here’s the playlist:

DWT theme song and nick cave ID –
‘hi, i’m nick cave and you’re listening to drinks with tony”
nick cave and the bad seeds – bring it on

grinderman – don’t  set me free
ice-t – lethal weapon
grinderman –  rise

nwa – gansta gangsta
grinderman – palaces of montezuma
grandmaster flash – the message

grinderman – fire boy
public enemy – you’re gonna get yours (nick ott)
grinderman – bellringer blues

public enemy rightstarter
grinderman – wormtamer
ice-t – body count

grinderman – no pussy blues
ice-t- freedom of speech
grinderman – evil
public enemy – bring the noise

grinderman – heathen child
ice-t – squeeze the trigger

grinderman – starcharmer
ll cool j – goin back to cali
grinderman – kitchenette live
beastie boys – she’s crafty

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