Drinks with Tony – Six Minute Songs Show

Friday, February 3, 5am

Drinks with Tony was sponsored by the number SIX. All songs were six minutes long. Our winners were Einsturzende Neubauten and Gary Numan. Both tied at 6:03.

Blixa and Gary will receive a year’s supply of Vaseline and a bag of sand. Thanks for playing along. Playlist below, and stay tuned for the video podcast in March 2012.

Download or stream show here.

turbonegro – wasted again 6:30 (with intro and wim wenders ID)
einsturzende neubauten – nnnaaammm 6:03
bjork – cover me (dillinja mix)

gary numan – scanner – 6:03
the wolfgang press – executioner (adamson mix) – 6:31
killing joke – love like blood – 6:51

gallon drunk – bedlam 6:48
the stranglers – too precious – 6:46
sonic youth – titanium expose 6:25

munly and the lee lewis harlots – big black bull comes like a caesar- 6:45
madrugada – running out of time – 6:08
mudhoney – halloween – 6:12

black flag – slip it in – 6:18
gogol bordello – dub the frequencies of love 6:15
tom waits – spare parts I (a nocturnal emission) 6:26

PIL – death disco – 6:43
the young gods – donnex les esprits – 6:17

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