Podcasts ‘R’ Us

Wednesday, February 29, 7pm is our podcast archive website. Have you checked it out? It’s awesome. We now have over 1200 episodes from 46 shows, with more posted every day. It’s a veritable Mutha Lode of ray-dee-ya liss’nin’…

With virtually every episode of every program posted as a podcast and archived here for all of eternity, there is no excuse for you to ever miss a show.

You can browse numerous episodes from all those shows and stream or download the podcasts. And you can even click to subscribe via iTunes (or however you listen to podcasts).

Oh wait, did somebody ask what’s a podcast?? Glad you asked. Podcast refers to both the mp3s of our many fine programs, and to the XML feeds by which you can access all of those shows. So you can download or stream the mp3, or subscribe to the XML feed in iTunes or another client.

Blah-blah-blah. The point is go to our podcast page and start clicking around on your favorite shows or any show that sounds interesting. And then listen. That’ll keep you busy for a while. By the time you are done, there’ll be even more. Enjoy!

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