On Baghdad by the Bay, March 22nd at 8pm; Interview with Penelope Houston, Animal Lore, Sorry Ever After

Thursday, March 22, 10am

Listen live at 8pm PST at Radio

Penelope Houston
Penelope Houston’s seventh studio album On Market Street was incubated for seven years and recorded in seven months at the San Francisco Bay Area’s prestigious Fantasy Studios. The award-winning singer/songwriter who cut her teeth in the legendary punk band The Avengers has turned to tales of revenge and forgiveness, of love both sanctified and illicit.

Animal Lore
Animal Lore is a four-piece indie band from San Jose, California. The band consists of Joseph Choe, Ben Troung, Nick Troughton, and Thomas Arballo. Their music is derived from a broad spectrum of sounds. Influenced by a wide range of different artists, Animal Lore weaves intricate layers of sound with a myriad of instruments and subtle changes in melody.

Sorry Ever After
The music of SorryEverAfter comes from a not so dark, somewhat spacious place that combines a strangely hypnotic blend of gritty feedback laden guitars and a locomotive back beat that bolsters a sweet layer of vocal harmonies. The sum total is a blissed out mix of succinct and heartfelt musical blasts that have you feeling the heat of the sun even on the darkest of days. Unhinged? Not even close. At the heart of it all is Lynda Mandolyn, a Detroit-born, San Francisco-based singer and songwriter whose guitar and voice breathes life into every song. The approach is heartfelt, infectious, like bare wires clinging to a distinctive swagger–never too light for sane. SorryEverAfter gives hope to the idea that not all good intentions come from happy places. There, they’ve said it. “We’re based on happy times–seventy percent of always”.
Along with fellow indie rock vets Christa DiBiase (guitar,vocals), Erica Liss (bass), and Mike Cloward (drums)–they have decided to forget the past and forge a new future that doesn’t kick around the notion of poetic interpretation. The band’s intimate chemistry creates a controlled chaos — loud and rumbling, with multiple instruments never fighting to be heard as much as it can be smothered by emotion running the length of your spine. It’s all about the dynamics and how the group has gelled and how it has become a remarkably powerful ensemble. Stack up their favorite records and it makes for a fairly eclectic library.

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