Dante’s Hot Tub 3.28.12 Podcast: Special Guest DJ Kenny Dojo plays Turkish Psych-Folk-Rock

Saturday, March 31, 11am

Special guest DJ Kenny Dojo joined me in the Hot Tub on March 28 to play tracks from his deep collection of Turkish Psych-Folk-Rock 45s and share his knowledge of the scene. And he pronounces Turkish much better than how I stumble through Portuguese.

Playlist for the whole show:

Quick visit with Tony of Drinks with Tony
Dante’s Hot Tub Intro
J Dubs Theme by Son Of Bazerk from Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk
Brother in the Back by Ill Media from Deeper Concentration
That’s Right by Mike Doughty from Dubious Luxury
Optimo by Liquid Liquid from LCD Soundsystem: The Influences

We’re joined in the Tub by DJ Kenny Dojo

2023 by Baris Manco
Estarabim by Erkin Koray
Gafil Gezme Saskin by Ersen Ve Dadaslar
Aybatti by Fikret Kizilok
Imece by Mogollar
Loberde by Fikret Hakan

We’re joined in the Tub by DJ Kenny Dojo

Su Sazima Bir Duzen Ver by Sakir Oner
Saka Maka by Selda
Mehmet Emmi by Affetmem Seni
Yedin Beni by Ersen Dadaslar
Malabadi Koprusu by Selcuk Alagoz
Uzum Kaldi by Cem Karaca with Mogollar

We’re joined in the Tub by DJ Kenny Dojo

Erol Buyukburc by Allahim Beni De Gor
Ben Armudu Dislerim by Alpay
Kalenin Bayir Duzu by Alpay
Tanrilarin Arabalari by Mogollar

Thanks to DJ Kenny Dojo for joining us in the Tub

A Night in Tunisia by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers from Art Blakey et les Jazz Messengers au club St. Germain vol. 2


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