Don’t miss drummer extraordinaire Patty Schemel of Hole on CO & RO Thurs April 26th 6PM

Wednesday, April 25, 2pm

Once upon a time back in the day, uhum the 90’s…there was this little band called HOLE fronted by the infamous Courtney Love. The band put out several albums, toured the world and had some noted controversy throughout its run. Through the Live Through This album era (1992-1998), the bands hard hitting female drummer Patty Schemel started keeping a video diary of all things going on in her chaotic life. From the critical rise of HOLE – to sharing a house with good friends Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love and their daughter Frances Bean; Patty was able to gather enough footage to put together a cohesive and intriguing look at her life and the world she shared with her band-mates and friends from that tumultuous time. Patty is quite upfront and speaks frankly about her days being strung out, finding out when dear friend Kurt Cobain took his own life and the ensuing aftermath as well as when friend and band-mate Kristen Pfaff OD’d, leaving the band to end up living on the streets of L.A. selling herself for dope and then her eventual climb from the depths of the gutter back to sobriety…all with a quick sense of humor and the kind of brutal honesty that is rare in today’s music industry. The documentary titled Hit So Hard; The Life & Near Death of Patty Schemel , directed by Schemel’s friend P. David Ebersole will be showing at The Roxie here in the Mission from Friday April 27th- Thursday May3rd. Patty and documentary director P.David will be live on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless this Thursday April 26th. Tune in and hear a true rock and roll life story.

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