Punk icon John The Baker on tonights Cold Ones & Rolled Ones, Thurs May 17th

Thursday, May 17, 3pm

Punk icon, outspoken activist, knowledge dropper and all around rebel rouser John The Baker (vo-killist for FUCKTARD/ INSTANT ASSHOLE/ The MALNOURISHED & solo) will be live in the Rad Val studio chatting about this weekend’s SKATE TIL U DIE uber extreme skate-a-thon. Ami Lawless (host of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones) has been talking this epic Bay Area event up over the past few weeks and its now do or die time…literally. John is the creator and annual participant in SKATE TIL U DIE, now in it’s fifth year. Over this coming weekend John and a motley crue of  crazy punx will be skating from Richmond CA to San Jose Ca, a trek of 66 miles….and lets not forget that a few of them will be playing with their  respected bands after each days skate-a-thon session. This is the punx equivalent of the X-Games but way fucking cooler. Last year about 40 participants started out and only 8 crossed the finish line after pushing their bodies to the extremes.  John will also bring his guitar to the studio this evening in order to please our quiet ears with some of his classic punx stylings. Maybe we can get him to play some of his songs that have been banned in sure to tune in for the chaos from 6:00-8:00pm tonight Thursday May 17th,2012

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