Arnocorps vo-killist Holzfeuer on Cold Ones tonight! May 31st

Thursday, May 31, 1pm

Achtung civilians! On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless (6-8pm), very special guest; action-adventure rock n’ roll hero Holzfeuer of ARNOCORPS will be bringing the Austrian party infused aggression, full force. Never at a loss for words, Holzfeuer will be chatting about all things ARNOCORPS including their new single and upcoming shows and tour. Holzfeuer is a founding member of ARNOCORPS who formed in 2000 in the Bay Area by way of the Austrian Alpine. This band consistently leaves their audiences awe struck- wanting more with their over the top legendary live shows, if you’ve not witnessed the ARNOCORPS beast for yourself- shame on you! Some of ARNOCORPS better known anthems include ” Terminator”, “Predator”, Last Action Hero”, and “Total Recall”. With a brand new slaying single about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting planet Holzfeuer will be debuting a new ARNOCORPS track tonight for all the lucky listeners… be sure to tune in  at 6:00pm and stay for the party!

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