Scotty Karate (Tankcrimes Rex) on Cold Ones tonight June 7th

Thursday, June 7, 2pm

The man, the myth, the legend;  Scotty Karate CEO & shit-worker at the Bay Area’s most successful D.I.Y. record label Tankcrimes will be co-hosting on this very special episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless. Scotty has been an integral part of the Bay Area music community over the years, playing drums in VOETSEK and DEADFALL, releasing records on Tankcrimes and setting up shows at various venues. This handsome dude does it all with a ire style, smooth grin and rolled one pressed firmly between his lips. Be sure to tune in and listen to the musical offerings Scotty will be playing and giving away during the show; anybody hear about the TOXIC HOLOCAUST/MUNICIPAL WASTE   “Toxic Waste” split LP? Scotty has a handful of killer gigs lined up for this summer, kicking off this weekend with the GHOUL/TOXIC HOLOCAUST/FORWARD /OPPOSITION RISING/THEORIES/FUCKTARD show this Saturday at Gilman. Say, would you like tickets to this?? Then you better be sure to listen in and call when Scotty tells you to! And of course be sure to swing by his website and get the goods  . Cold Ones hits the airwaves from 6:00-8:00pm every Thursday, playing the best in hardcore/punk/metal and everything in between.


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