Authors Mark Tufo & Ken Leek on tonight’s Cold Ones June 28

Thursday, June 28, 2pm


On tonight’s Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless AKA The Only Radio Show That Matters, my co-host will be Ben “Chef to False Metal” Gerald (columnist for Short Fast & Loud, gits in VOETSEK & POPULATION REDUCTION). You might think us here at Cold Ones & Rolled Ones aint got time for reading, but dang you sure would be surprised!  Reading is fundamental! Tonight we will be chatting it up with two killer authors that have been rawking our world recently. First up will be author of the ZOMBIE FALLOUT & INDIAN HILL series of books, Mark Tufo. Mr. Tufo has truly created a refreshingly new series of zombie books for all of us die-hards who are ready for those dead fucks to start their feeding frenzy. And in the INDIAN HILL series some of our favorite characters from the ZOMBIE FALLOUT series are created in earlier days (pre ZOMBIE FALLOUT), but this time they are college students dealing with an alien invasion and abduction…that’s all I’m giving away. These books are all written with bizarre twists, quick wit and a charming sense of vulnerability and realness to the characters that makes them come across as believable, like people you might know in everyday life. Our second guest of the evening will be our good homie Ken Leek (vo-killist in the now defunct The NEIGHBORS) and author of a new book loaded with gritty hate filled characters and actions that cannot be rivaled with anything currently out there. His book is aptly titled THE ORIGINS OF DISGUST, SELF-HATRED, AND HOSTILITY… you get the picture?! This is Ken’s first offering as an author and a very good one at that. We will be giving away a few copies of the book THE ORIGINS OF DISGUST, SELF-HATRED, AND HOSTILITY; so listen in for when to call and get your copy…you won’t be disappointed.

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