Producing Radio Spots – Steps To Take

Tuesday, August 21, 9am

If you are fascinated by the world of radio broadcasting and you would like to learn a few things about the making of a radio spot, the tips below should help you out. First of all, keep in mind that even through radio spots might resemble scripts, in reality, creating a radio spot does imply taking different steps compared to writing a script.


Establish Your General Needs And Make Them Official

First of all, you are going to need to think about your needs. When do you want our spot to run? What radio stations would you like to broadcast your spot? How about your budget, how much money can you allocate to the respective spot? Will a 15 or 30-second spot suffice? Once you have set these clear goals and details in mind, contact the person or team that is going to handle the creation process. Brief them in and let provide them with all the elements that they will need to produce the idea behind the spot.

Let them know exactly who they are addressing and inform them about the message or idea behind the spot – are you selling something, launching a new product, announcing an important company event, trying to raise funds or awareness concerning a certain topic? The creative team also needs to know what radio stations they will be addressing, so they can know how to address the age group and target the right audience.    


Creative Brief Review And Editing

If you are not the client and you need to present him with the creative brief your team has developed, do that and see if you can get his approval. If the client is not fully satisfied with your team’s idea of a script, make sure you inform them of the changes that need to be done. It is an excellent idea to have them write a couple of scripts the client will be able to review and choose from. The review that the creative team is going to complete is another critical aspect of the process. This important step will determine if all of the brief’s conditions have been respected.


Get Client Approval And Start Recording

Once the edited script is ready to be reviewed by the client, the process should lead to detailed discussions concerning the ideas behind the script and the spot in particular. Sound effects, message, tone of voice, pausing, everything needs to be crystal clear so that the client can get an idea of what the radio spot is going to sound like once it is on air. He will provide necessary feedback and ultimately give the script the green light for production. Voice recording, fine tuning, sound effects, and final adjustments are the final steps of the process.  

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