Dante’s Hot Tub 12/12/12: Accordion Music by Lorenzo!

Sunday, December 9, 7pm

Dante’s Hot Tub is proud to have local musician and future accordion superstar Lorenzo “Lolo” Lucchesi in the tub for this week’s show. Lorenzo will play music and discuss his young career this Wednesday 12/12/12 starting in the 8 o’clock hour. We’ll hear a variety of music, with an emphasis on classic Italian songs.

Lorenzo is only 11 years old but he has been playing accordion for several years. He is currently studying under Peter Di Bono, an accomplished musician and well-regarded teacher within the accordion community. A second-generation San Franciscan, Lorenzo is well-known in North Beach for playing many restaurants, cafes and street corners as Accordion Music by Lorenzo.

It was by chance that Lorenzo chose to play the accordion: one night while searching for a program to view on television, he came upon the Lawrence Welk Show. The featured guest that night was world renowned accordionist, Myron Floren.

Mesmerized by Floren’s ability to play what looked like such an odd looking “piano.”  Lorenzo told his mom, “I want to play that.”  Mom and Dad agreed that he could take lessons but that they would only consider purchasing him his own instrument if he stuck with it for a year. That was when he was  7 ½. Incredible musical inspiration for someone so young!

Lorenzo is excited to play live on the air at Radio Valencia and Dante’s Hot Tub is thrilled to bring this young local talent to our airwaves.

Dante’s Hot Tub with your host Juan Rapido airs every Wednesday from 8-10pm on Radio Valencia.


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