Film Maker Ken Burns on Depth Perception December 13, 5 – 6pm.

Monday, December 10, 6am

Remember “wilding”? Ken Burns proves it never happened: The police invented the term, the phenomenon, and its alleged history—and sent five innocent kids to jail for gang rape as a result.
On Thursday, December 13, from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, KEN BURNS, documentarian extraordinaire (The DUST BOWL, BASEBALL, THE CIVIL WAR), speaks with Mara  about his new film, THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE.
The film lays bare the racism, corruption, and media hype that resulted in the conviction of five innocent black and Latino youths for the gang rape of The Central Park Jogger. The boys spent 6 to 13 years in jail— despite inconsistent confessions the film proves were coerced, and DNA evidence that excluded them.  Only a serial rapist’s surprise confession set the five free. Raymond Santana, one of the five, also takes part in the interview.
Ken Burns has won over 40 major film and television awards for the series The CIVL WAR, including a Peabody, two Grammys, two Emmys, and the Lincoln Prize.

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