Drinks with Tony – The Bad Seeds Special

Wednesday, January 2, 12am


If you have been playing along at home, I have a boner for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Do you want to see how this illness has affected me, check out Nick Cave Monday at The Rumpus.

Last Wednesday I did a special featuring the talented members of The Bad Seeds and their respective projects.

Gallon Drunk with James Johnston

Gallon Drunk with James Johnston

Here’s the podcast.



Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – until the end of the world
mick harvey – sad dark eyes

mick harvey – hank williams said it best
einstürzende Neubauten – was ist ist
einsturzende neubauten – sand

gallon drunk – grand union canal
gallon drunk – you made me

anita lane – do that thing
anita lane – like caesar needs a brutus

conway savage – say it ain’t so
conway savage – too dark to see

die haut w/ nick cave – see what condition my condition was in
the vanity set – personal hell
the vanity set – i’m in you

Hugo Race & The Fatalists – The Serpent Egg
hugo race – in the pines

dirty three – zither player
dirty three – sad sexy

kid congo and the pink monkey birds – the history of french cuisine
kid congo and the pink monkey birds – the last word

barry adamson – still i rise
barry adamson – man with the golden arm
barry adamson – straight till sunrise

The triffids – born sandy devotional
the triffids – the sea birds

mick harvey – comic strip

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