Not just metal: Radio Valencia’s newest show is a wild ride

Sunday, March 17, 4am

Illogical Contraption, the latest addition to Radio Valencia’s lineup (Sundays, 6-8 p.m.),  is a long-running podcast based on the crew’s popular blog of the same name. Hosts Cory Sklar & Shelby Cobras, with assorted guests from their wildly diverse roster, delve into topics including, but not limited to, conspiracy theory, UFOs, the supernatural, horror & sci fi cinema, bad television, and heavy metal. Cory and Shelby are joined weekly by their goofy buddies and  by special celebrity visitors. Past musical guests have included Gwar, Municipal Waste, The Melvins, M. Gira of Swans, Genesis P-Orridge,  and Peaches Christ; comedians have included Graham Elwood and Tommy Blacha.

Most recently, 3/17, IllCon offered  “a very special St. Paddy’s Day Black Metal Spooktacular,”  featuring wrestling legend/ comedian/ actor Mick “Mankind” Foley and NY black metal gods Mutilation Rites. You can catch up with this and other previous shows via podcast here at Radio Valencia or  iTunes.

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