Mystic Midway – Dare To Play?

Thursday, May 16, 4am

For those of you who love to explore and experiment when it comes to social spaces filed with stories, Mystic Midway definitely holds a few aces up its sleeve. Folks who are passionate about tea parties, theatre, but on the experimental side, or even social outgoings organized within communities will adore Mystic Midway. Cosplay or road trips, role-playing – they all characterize a game not many dare to play. But if you prove to be courageous enough, you will be granted permission to step further into the main story, as well as the collective story connected to the game. The game was outed at the AWE Technology Conference and it was the perfect time for new technologies to be successfully embedded in the game.  


Transmedia Performance At The Augmented World Expo


The Mystic Midway show hosted a trasnemdia performance during the Augmented World Expo held at the Convention Center in Santa Clara. The performance was called “Search for the Mysticon Codex” and it displayed a highly interactive environment. Mixed reality technologies and he intentions around the, were explored, along with the people making them possible. Barron Scott Levkoff is the creator of Mystic Midway; he expressed his content for being able to boost up the use of technology during the show with the help of 3D printing, drones, sound sculptures, or high performance know-how. Traditional theater was also united and brought to a higher level thanks to the clever way it has been included in the performance. With more than 12 active performers and plenty of setpieces or excellent live music that accompanied the event, the show was a great hit. Imagine participants being constantly called to freely explore their inner intentions and make decisions while confronting with mixed reality technologies. The Hobo King encourages participants to get real; the Snake-Oil Salesman sells them vaporware; the Lady Fortuna uses the Fortunas Oracular to guess their fortune. If she tells participants they will win the lottery, playing the New York Lottery might be a good idea. Interested? Go here and check out the site today.

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