SF Weekly’s Best of 2013 dubs us “Best Audio 3-Ring Circus”

Monday, June 10, 1pm

Of all the community radio options in the Bay Area, she had to walk in to this one . . . No, wait, that’s, “Of all the community radio options in the Bay Area,  Radio Valencia in San Francisco is the best value for your free radio-listening dollar,” according to the SF Weekly’s Best of 2013 Awards, which also gives props to our “wide range of bizarre aural spectacles.”  Bizarre, you say? Spectacle? Indeed, and proud of it! Check out Stimulus Regression, Ask Dr. Hal, Illogical Contraption, Nose Hair Lint Gland, and our newest show, Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre. Other eclectic offerings include Eclectic Dyspepsia, of course, but also Yum Yum, Sidecar, Beats & Pieces, Pressure Drop, Aleatoric Evening,  Shindignation, Play for Today, and more. Click on the Shows tab above for a full list of all Radio Valencia programs.



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