DAVE DICTOR OF MDC & HOLZFEUER of ARNOCORPS on Cold Ones today June 13th

Thursday, June 13, 4pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, Ami’s guests will be punk rawk icon Dave Dictor of legendary band MDC and ARNOCORPS super hero/front man Holzfeuer. MDC were an integral part of the Austin, Texas hardcore scene in the early 80’s along side THE DICKS & THE BIG  BOYS, then relocated around the same time to San Francisco and were a part of this ever growing punk rawk community as well. Not many bands can say they were there for the birth of both these vibrant music scenes. MDC’s main component has been Dave Dictor. Dave has fronted this band since the get go (they started out under the name THE STAINS), helping to establish MDC as one of the best and longest running punk bands that have always questioned & confronted the status quo through their music. With Dave’s unique socio-politcal lyrics MDC have called out everything from multi-corporate domination to homophobia to Reagan era shenanigans to the violent suppression of Communism in Central America. MDC is a band that fully utilizes the “soap box” they’ve been given to educate and get their audiences thinking & questioning the world at large. MDC will be making their return back to the bay, playing Gilman On Friday June 14th. Action adventure, hardcore rock n rollers, ARNOCORPS is celebrating a brand spanking new release called THE FANTASTIC EP and will be bringing the super hero action to Slims in San Francisco Friday June 14th. Holzfeuer frontman & kick ass hero will be taking some time out of his busy super hero schedule to chat us up and let us premier some tracks off the new EP. ARNOCORPS has won best band in Best of The Bay and have built quite the loyal hero/she-ro fan fallowing over the past decade, with good reason; This band is fun, exciting and play some of the best hardcore-punk-n-roll! If you’ve not seen ARNOCORPS, this Friday is your chance to come correct and join the rescue team!

Dave Dictor of MDC, delivering the message to the masses!

Dave Dictor of MDC, delivering the message to the masses!

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