Johnette Napolitano on Cold ones with Ami Lawless today June 27th

Thursday, June 27, 2pm

On today’s episode of Cold Ones & Rolled Ones with Ami Lawless, Ami’s guest is singer, songwriter, bass player, author, poet, artist & horse whisperer; Johnette Napolitano. We are extremely honored and excited to have Johnette visit us for a second time on Cold Ones & Rolled Ones.

Johnette is one of those truly exquisite and engaging artists who take their passion for their art one step further than what would seem humanly possible. As front person for seminal alt-rawkers CONCRETE BLONDE, Johnette carved out a massive space in music history with seminal albums like their 1986 self-titled Concrete Blonde, 1989’s Free, 1990’s Bloodletting (that included the international hit Joey), Walking in London in 1992, 1993’s Mexican Moon and after taking some years off, 2002’s Group Therapy and Mojave in 2004. All of these albums were not only critically acclaimed in their own right but also attracted a multitude of die-hard CONCRETE BLONDE fans on a worldwide scale.

In their heyday CONCRETE BLONDE became quite the touring juggernaut always taking time for the fans after the shows. This only helped to create more fanatical CONCRETE BLONDE fans.

During this time period Johnette’s uniquely deep and soulful voice delivered personal and introspective lyrics that were sometimes just as vulnerable as the subject matter; which in turn helped many women looking for a strong voice realize they were not alone in their plight of fucked up relationships, good times and bad times, dreams, travel and beliefs. This is just one reason Johnette Napolitano has a massive female audience at each live performance. Johnette’s music has been a part of many films and television shows, including; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Point Break, Pump Up the Volume, The Sopranos, The Shield and Beverly Hills 90210.

There’s a lot more than can be said about this amazing women, best to tune in today 6:00-8:00pm for this memorable chat. We would like y’all to know that  Johnette is performing her solo act at The Chapel  (777 Valencia St) here in San Francisco this Sunday June 30th. What a great way to spend PRIDE! Get your tickets now.Johnette Napolitano

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