Experimental Music

Thursday, July 18, 4am

The term “experimental music” is primarily used to describe a particular type of music that goes beyond the strictly imposed limitations of certain genres. If you are familiar with our radio, you must also already be familiar with a series of experimental rock songs; but rock is not the only music genre where the experimental side of things goes into action. Metal or jazz are additional types of music each having its peculiar experimental face and sound. More commonly, experimental music is considered to be a mix of music genres that are easy to recognize.


Origins of Experimental Music

Experimental music was given birth to the middle of the 20th century in North America. The final result of the composer is something that no one could foretell and John Cage is the man whose creations are always associated with experimental music. The use of tape music or compositions that controlled with the help of computers characterized these creations in the past and still do now.  


Experimental Music Procedures

The use of tuning and certain instruments, scales and music rhythms that belong to the traditions that do not belong to the Western civilization is a technique that is often times used. Have you ever carefully listened to an experimental song? We recommend you do it next time you go online to play your favorite game of poker trying to get the Cosmik Casino bonus.Then you most likely heard a telephone ring and stuck your hand inside your pocket thinking it was your own phone ringing; or you must have heard a door slamming and look behind to see what’s going on. These elements of surprise that incorporate real life elements and sounds are the ones that give this type of music its unique character. The values of the volume or pitch sounds regularly used during normal songs are completely ignored when creating these compositions.


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