Special Guest The Ironsides on Dante’s Hot Tub

Tuesday, December 3, 3pm

It’s almost time to slip out of your clothes and into Dante’s Hot Tub.

This week, your DJ and audio massage therapist, Juan Rapido is talking with Gene Washington and Max Ramey from the San Francisco, Cinematic Soul band, The Ironsides.

Listen to Gene and Max talk about the music they listened to growing up, (Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, the whole Motown Sound, etc,) and how they’ve since created their own style of soul.

Besides performing all over the Bay Area, the Ironsides are currently in the studio working on their first album. So listen in for some hints about what that will include as well as some of their obscure, soul favorites.

DJ Juan Rapido will be waiting for us in Dante’s Hot Tub, from 8-10pm, Wednesday on

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